How The Lodge Will Be Conducting Unit Elections

ALL Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Sea Scouts Units:

As of January 1st, 2022, we are NO LONGER able to accept requests via email, verbal, or postal for OA Unit Elections, or OA/Camp Visitations, as ALL Requests, and Unit Election Data must go through the new Inductions Module.

This Also Means Units Cannot Run Their Own Unit Election and Send Us the Results.

  • Around February the Lodge via their Online Database (OA LodgeMaster) will send an email to Unit Leadership requesting they schedule an election.

      • This Email will come from Please check your Spam/Junk Folder as this email contains a special request link.


          • If you did not receive an email, please email us at and a member of our elections team will check into for you.

      • Please Note: The Inductions Module will send reminder emails about every 15 days as the request link expires in 14 days.

  • If you wish to Decline a Unit Elections AND OA/Camp Visitation for the year, you must do so via email at, as the request portal does not have an area to decline a visit at this time.


  • After receiving the Election Scheduling Request (and/or the Election Scheduling Reminder) email(s) and clicking the Special Request Link it will bring up a custom page for your unit.

        • For a walkthrough of the request portal CLICK HERE

  • Once the OA receives the request, the team will work to get an Election and/or Visitation team together for one of the dates requested as soon as Possible.

        • But Please Remember, our Teams are Small, and these are Youth Members who could be Playing Sports in School, taking part in a School Play, etc... or they could have a job. Also due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic some members may not be available.

  • Once a date has been confirmed with the Election Team in your area the inductions system will send an email confirmation with the date they picked.

        • The team will also send an email from our email as the current induction emails leave some required information out.

  • If the unit has just requested an OA/Camp Visitation and declined a Unit Election, the team will ask if the unit has any questions they would like answered beforehand and then follow up a few days before the visit to verify the visit and answer any other questions the unit may have beforehand.

  • If the unit is having a Unit Election (and OA/Camp Visitation if requested), the Inductions System/Election Team will send an "Election Preparation Email" with a Special Link to submit the units Eligible Scouts. For your convenience, an Excel template is also attached to this email that can be filled out and emailed back to us if there is a problem with the online submission.

        • A Walkthrough of the Online System can be found HERE

            • Please Note the Lodge Requires ALL of the following Fields:

                • First Name

                • Middle Name or Initial

                • Last Name

                • Suffix (if applicable)

                • Gender

                • Date of Birth

                • BSA ID Number

                • Rank or Award

                • Full Mailing Address

                • Scouts Email

                • Parent or Legal Guardian Email

                • Home Phone Number with Area Code

                • Scouts Mobile Number with Area Code

                • Parent or Legal Guardian Mobile Number with Area Code

  • Once the eligible member's information has been received by our team, the team will then create the election paperwork (Election Report, Youth Contact Information Forms, Ballots, and Scout and Parent/Legal Guardian Congratulations Letters)

  • The team will then check in a few days before the visit to verify the visit and answer any questions the unit may have beforehand.

  • The team will then come out and conduct the election following the Guide to Unit Elections and other National Publications (and perform an OA/Camp Promotion if requested)

      • Note - The team will have all of the eligible scouts check and update their information before the election - this helps the Lodge in case the unit decides to announce their candidates at a later date, and so we are prepared to send information when the announcement is made.

          • All Non-Elected Scouts data is deleted from our database after results have been entered, but their paperwork still needs to be turned in with the election paperwork.

  • Candidates can be announced during the election or at a later date.

      • At this time elections team will not be performing callouts.

          • Announced during the Election:

              • If Candidates are announced during the election the Scout and Parent/Legal Guardian Congratulations Letters and Spirit of the Arrow Book One will be given.

                  • They will also receive a welcome email and an invite to our member portal, after the election data has been entered and verified.

          • Announced at a later time:

              • If Candidates are announced at a later time the Scout and Parent/Legal Guardian Congratulations Letters and Spirit of the Arrow Book One will be given to the unit leader to be handed out when the announcement is made.

                  • Please Note: Once the announcement date on the unit election paperwork has been met our inductions system will send the welcome email and an invite to our member portal.

Please Note: A few changes have been made to the handling of the unit elections paperwork.

      • All Unit Election Paperwork is to be filled out by the Election Team, Unit Leader and Eligible Scouts/Parent/Legal Guardian.

          • ALL Paperwork (Election Report, Youth Contact Information Forms, and Ballots, Plus the unit contact update form (if filled out), and any Arrowmen contact information update forms) is to be put together in a document envelope for the Elections Team Adviser and labeled with the unit information.

Unit Election Verification:

    • Once the Elections Team Adviser has received the envelope, he or she will enter the information into the inductions module, make any updates to the candidate's contact information if needed, and then submit the election for approval.

        • The Elections Team Adviser/OA LodgeMaster Administrator will then check the election for any mistakes before approving the election.


    • Adults are now nominated AFTER the Elections Team Adviser has received the paperwork and all the election has been approved.

        • This is because, with the New Inductions Module, Adult Nominations are now being done via a custom form that is sent as part of the Unit Election Recap Email, both from the Inductions system and our own email address.

            • A Walkthrough of this Online System can be found HERE

                • Units SHOULD NOT INFORM the adult of their nomination, nor should they publicly announce the adult nominee, until a reply from the Lodge has been given.

  • Once an Adult Nomination is submitted to the Lodge Unit Election Team, the nomination is sent to the Lodge Adult Selection Committee for review.

  • This Committee is made up of Adult Arrowmen and is a mix of both male and female members, and The Council Scout Executive.

      • During the review process, the selection committee looks for the following things:

          • Is the nominee is registered in the Allegheny Highlands Council?

          • Does the nominee meet the camping requirement as indicated on the nomination form?

          • The adult’s ability to perform the necessary functions to help the OA fulfill its mission and purpose.

          • How the adult will be an asset to the Lodge?

          • Will the adult be a positive role model for the youth?

  • OA membership is NOT a recognition for service either past or present nor is it a reward for achievement or position.

  • ALL Adult Nominees must receive the approval of both the Lodge Adult Selection Committee and the Scout Executive.

Notification of Candidacy for Adult Nominees will come directly from the Lodge.

Any Questions on this change please email our Election Adviser at

If you have any questions on how our Lodge will be conducting Unit Elections, please email our Election Team and Adviser at or use the Google Form Here