Pay Lodge Dues Here

Membership Dues

Unsure if your dues are current?
You can now check your dues status by visiting your OA Membership Portal at https://portal.oa-bsa.org/ 

Once Logged in click on the "Update Your Profile" Tab, Look for Lodge Member Information - Dues Paid Through Box 

(This will show the Max Year your Dues are Paid.) 

Don't Have your Membership Portal Setup yet visit http://portal.ahcoa165.org/ to learn how.


You can submit a lookup request by filling out the google form here and a member of our Team will get back to you within 48-72 hours.

One part of being an active member is contributing to the Lodge in the form of yearly dues.

Now is the time to renew your Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont Lodge Dues for the 2024 Lodge year!

Lodge Dues are $15.00 Per Year

To Update your Contact Information, Click Here

The preferred method for you to pay your dues is BlackPug Software (the software the council uses for reservations to events and facility reservations at camp), but you may pay your dues at any Lodge Event as well. 

Also Online You can Pay as an Individual, A Family, or an Entire Unit.

For Members New to the Scouting Event (Black Pug) system Click Here for a helpful guide.

Please Note the Information below is Required for all Arrowmen:

If you have any questions or problems, please email us at oalodgemaster@ahcoa165.org  Subject “Lodge Dues”

Remember Lodge Dues Run from  January 1st to December 31st of each year.

Remember your contribution gives you a sense of ownership in the Lodge and helps make our events better for everyone. Your dues cover the operations of the Lodge such as re-chartering fees, postage, and administrative costs, they do not cover the cost for you to attend events. 

Also if your dues are not paid and/or you are not Actively Registered in The Boy Scouts of America you will be dropped to Inactive in the Lodge Roster / Database on March 15th of the year after the most recent year that they were paid.

Please Note: 

That Your Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont Lodge 165 Membership Dues  

DOES NOT SUPERSEDE OR INCLUDE a Boy Scouts of America Membership