Membership Dues

In order to keep your membership in the Order of the Arrow and Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont Lodge 165 current, you must keep your dues paid.

Please if you have any issues using the online system Email us at:

Subject "Online Dues issue"

Please remember that if your dues are not paid and/or you are not Actively Registered in The Boy Scouts of America you will be dropped to Inactive in the Lodge Roster / Database on March 15th of the year after the most recent year that they were paid.

Wishing to find out find out if your Membership Dues are Paid for the current year Click here.

You may pay your dues at any

Lodge Event or Online

Below are the current amounts for dues payable in

one year, two year, and three year amounts:

1 year - $10.00 Covers 2021

2 years - $19.00 Covers 2021, 2022

3 years - $26.00 Covers 2021, 2022, & 2023