Lodge Executive Committee

What is the Lodge Executive Committee?

Lodges exist to serve BSA Councils and Individual Units. The Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) is the committee of the lodge and is responsible for executing the annual program of the lodge.

The LEC follows all policies concerning the organization and administration of the lodge utilizing the Guide for Officers and Advisers and other Publications from the National Office.

Who is the Lodge Executive Committee?

The Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) —a key group—consists of the youth serving as Lodge Officers (including the immediate past Lodge Chief), Lodge Chief, Vice Chiefs and their Advisers, the Staff Adviser, the Lodge Adviser, and the Scout Executive. The key 3 in the Lodge are the Lodge Chief, Lodge Adviser, and Staff Adviser.

What does the Lodge Executive Committee do?

The LEC committee meets to share reports, promote lodge events, and let the Arrowmen decide the plan for Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont Lodge. The LEC meetings typically includes sessions such as administration, inductions, program, service, and other Lodge operations. The LEC is the primary method to provide key information to the members of the lodge and the units within our Council.

The LEC is the steering committee for the lodge. The LEC carries out the business of the lodge by planning, coordinating and executing the annual program of the lodge, fellowship and ordeal (induction) weekends, service projects, training sessions, Lodge Service Weekends, and other amazing events as appropriate. The LEC is a crucial part of the lodge.

The LEC faces the problems, studies possible solutions, and then, through the lodge committee organization, acts. It carries out the business of the lodge, coordinating the work being done by officers and operating committees. Regardless of any executive committee decision or undertaking, the lodge must operate within the policies established by the national Order of the Arrow committee, without variation or modification.

Lodge Officers and Advisers

Youth Officers

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Committees of the Lodge

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Lodge Executive Committee Meetings

The Lodge Executive Committee holds a monthly meeting where we will discuss upcoming agenda items and various upcoming events pertaining to the OA or the Council that need attention. For more information on our Lodge Executive Committee Meetings

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Lodge Executive Committee Officer Elections