Unit Elections

ALL Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Sea Scouts Units:

As of January 1st, 2022, We are NO LONGER able to accept requests via email, verbal, or postal for OA Unit Elections, or OA/Camp Visitations, as ALL Requests, and Unit Election Data

must go through the Inductions Module.

This Also Means Units Cannot Run Their Own Unit Election and Send Us the Results.

(More information on this change can be found here.)


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our 2022 Order of the Arrow Unit Elections will be completed both in-person (when permitted) and virtually.

Each Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Sea Scouts Unit leader and Committee Chairman in the Allegheny Highlands Council will receive EMAIL communication from Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont Lodge 165 from no-reply-382@lodgemaster.oa-bsa.org to schedule their Unit Election.

Units Elections will run from February 28th to November 20th, 2022

Recent Updates from the National Order of the Arrow:

December 21, 2021: Update to Temporary Covid Policy Modifications

On October 21, the Steering Committee of the National OA Committee approved the following change to the Temporary Covid Policy Modifications:

    1. Virtual camping will no longer count towards OA eligibility and the previous camping requirement, which includes a long-term camp of five (5) consecutive nights, is reinstituted:

"Have experienced 15 nights of Scout camping while registered with a troop, crew, or ship within the two years immediately prior to the election. The 15 nights must include one, but no more than one, long-term camp consisting of at least five consecutive nights of overnight camping, approved and under the auspices and standards of the Boy Scouts of America. Only five nights of the long-term camp may be credited toward the 15-night camping requirement; the balance of the camping (10 nights) must be overnight, weekend, or other short-term camps of, at most, three nights each. Ship nights may be counted as camping for Sea Scouts."

The above change is effective January 1, 2022. Any virtual camping nights completed before January 1, 2022, may be counted towards OA eligibility.

The options for virtual unit elections, virtual Ordeals, and virtual Brotherhood are retained. Additionally, candidates that were elected after February 1, 2019, will continue to have 24 months from the date of election to complete their ordeal. This remains in effect until otherwise notified that we will go back to 12 months.

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