Organization of the Order of the Arrow 

The Order of the Arrow is organized into local lodge corresponding to the local Boy Scout Council. Some lodges are broken into chapters, which serve to break down lodge responsibilities and help to deliver the program of the lodge. Each lodge and chapter has elected officers, all of which are under the age of 21. This is because the Order of the Arrow is a youth run organization. Lodges are then grouped together into Sections (which are then organized further into areas and four regions). The Section is responsible for the annual Section Conclave and act as a connection between the Region and National Officers and the local lodge. Each year, the Section Chiefs elect the National Chief, National Vice-Chief, and the 4 Region Chiefs for the following year. The officers act as youth members (under 21) on the National Order of the Arrow Committee and provide youth input into decisions that affect the Order. Please see the Order of the Arrow Handbook for more information concerning Section, Region, and National organization. 


Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont Lodge is is part of the Allegheny Highlands Council, our Council has one District with three Service Areas.   

The Lodge Chief, an elected officer under the age of 21, heads the Lodge. Four Vice-Chiefs, a V.C. Secretary, and a V.C. Program, a V.C. of Communications, & a V.C. Ceremonies assist him in the running of the lodge. Also, as second in command, there is an Executive Vice-Chief, who is appointed by the Chief. All of these positions are elected with the exception of Executive Vice-Chief. All of these officers are under the age of 21 for their entire term. The Scout Executive appoints a Lodge Adviser and a Professional Staff Adviser annually to advise the lodge officers. Other youth committee chairmen may be appointed as the need arises. The lodge key three (lodge chief, staff adviser, lodge adviser) appoint a vice-chief of membership these vice chiefs are voting members of lodge executive committee. For the duty of each of these officers, please consult the Lodge Standard Operation Procedures which are available on our website, Here.