The Member Portal

This is a New System Provided by the National Order of the Arrow

Account Setup:

Step 1:

Be a Candidate of the Lodge or Complete Membership Update & Pay your Membership Dues.

Step 2 Candidate:
Candidates your Link should have been sent as part of your welcome emails from the lodge. If you did not receive it please email and a member of the team will look into it.

Step 2 Arrowmen:

Members After Completing your membership update and paying your dues, the Lodge will email you an invite to the membership portal and a copy of your History Report.

Members, Please Note: You will have Two Emails

The History Report Email will come from with the Subject - Thank You For Updating Your Order of the Arrow Membership (and/or Paying your Membership Dues)

The Membership Portal invite will come from with the Subject Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont Lodge Portal Invitation

The Membership Portal invite will look Like Photo 1.

Once opened you can click Claim Account and move to step 3.



Photo 1

Step 3:

After Clicking Claim Account you will be asked to log in or create an Arrow ID. (Photo 2)

Most members will have to Create an Arrow ID Move to Step 3.1

If you already have an Arrow ID you can log in and skip to Step 4.

Photo 2

Step 3.1

Create A New Account:

Use your Name and Email as it is listed in your member History Report that was emailed to you.

Create a Password

Click Register

(Photo 3)

Photo 3

After Clicking Register you will see this message (Photo 4) head back to your email to Confirm Your Account (Photo 5)

Photo 4

Photo 5

After Clicking Confirm Account you will see this message

Thank you for confirming your email. Please click here to log in

Head to Step 4

(Photo 6)

Photo 6

Step 4:

If needed head to and Log In to your Arrow ID

(Photo 7)

Photo 7

Step 5:

Click the Have An Invite Button

(Photo 8)

Note: Your Name should be where "OA" is in Welcome Back.

Photo 8

Step 6:

Fill In with the Following (Photo 9)

Application: Select- Member Portal


Type in "382" and Select 382- Allegheny Highlands Council - Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont Lodge


Enter Your Code From "Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont Lodge Portal Invitation" Email (Photo 1)

Then Click Add

You will then get an email stating your

account has been Claimed

Photo 9

Step 7:

Finish Setup:

Note: Your First Name will be where "OA" is in Welcome Back. and under the member portal, it will show your name with Council and Lodge.

You, Will want to Click the Set Default button.

Once done a red Default Box will pop up next to your name

(Photo 10)

Photo 10

Step 8:

Accessing your Member Portal

Head to and Log in with your Arrow Id or you can use and Log in with your Arrow Id. It should bring you right into the member portal if not Click the Arrow next to your name as shown in photo 11.

Photo 11

Congratulations your Member Portal has been Setup

From here you will see welcome notes and a red box with Alerts or News on upcoming events, at the top you will have tabs that users can use to update their profile, a calendar of Lodge events (with Registration Links), and a way to contact the lodge.
Also, Ordeal Candidates will have access to an Induction's Journey to help guide them through the start of their ordeal.

(Photo 12)

Photo 12

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