Lodge Officer Positions Descriptions

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Service as a Lodge Officer is not for everyone. Lodge Officers are expected to be able to budget their time between school, family, religious and other responsibilities with what is required of them as a lodge officer.

All Positions and/or Descriptions are subject to change at any time via the Lodge Executive Committee, Lodge Advisers, or the Scout Executive.

All Lodge Officers,
if possible, should have a Computer, Smartphone, and a printer/scanner, as well as social media account.

Each Lodge Officer is expected to do the following:

  • Attend ALL scheduled Lodge events and the Section Conclave.

  • Attend ALL scheduled Lodge LEC Meetings.

  • Attend ANY Council Events the Lodge has been asked to help with.

  • Officers are expected to attend and participate in a limited number of other meetings, Trainings (Section/Region/National), planning sessions, and special projects throughout the lodge year, especially throughout the fall of the current year as we plan the new year. Dates for these meetings will be set by the LEC.

  • Regularly communicate with their adviser, committee and other officers throughout the year. (Following YPT)

  • Meet the goals and milestones that are set.

  • Help recruit, train, and lead lodge members in carrying out the lodge’s year-round program.

  • Set the example by correctly wearing a full Class A uniform.

  • Conduct themselves at all times according to the highest standards of the Scout Oath, Scout Law, and OA Obligation.

  • Be able to budget their time between school, family, religious service and other responsibilities with what is required of them as a lodge officer.

Lodge Chief:

The Lodge Chief is an Ex-Officio member of all Lodge Committees.
Duties Include:

  • Chairman of the Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) and oversees all the functions and committees of the lodge, including the Vigil Honor Committees, unless he or she is eligible for the honor, in that case they will appoint a chairman.

  • Being a member of the council executive board, by virtue of their position, and is expected to attend board meetings as their schedule allows.

  • Being a member of the Section Council of Chief’s (COC) and is expected to attend those meetings.

  • They are to give leadership to the Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) in striving to the attainment of Quality Lodge. Submit a newsletter article for every newsletter.

  • The Chief must attend and serve as chair for all Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) meetings & is the “Tip of the Arrow” for promoting participation in all lodge events.

  • Will do weekly emails to other lodge executive committee members and advisers for checkup on Event Planning and other Lodge functions

Executive Vice-Chief: *

  • The Executive Vice-Chief is appointed by the Lodge Chief with the advice and consent of the Lodge Adviser, Staff Adviser, and the Scout Executive.

Duties Include:

  • Assist the other officer's when they need help and should be able to represent the chief at functions if neither the chief nor lodge secretary is able to attend.

  • Also, should have knowledge of the lodge and the section operations.

Secretary & Treasurer/Trading Post Manager:

Duties Include:

  • Taking minutes at each Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) and Council of Chief’s (COC) meetings and distribute them via email within one week of the meeting.

  • He or She will represent the Lodge at all events in the absence of the Lodge Chief or Executive Vice-Chief.

  • They will be responsible for registration and trading post at all lodge events.

  • They are to work with the Council’s Accounting Specialist on all Lodge Finances and get a Monthly Report and are to keep track of Lodge Finances and report the Balance and any changes at Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) meetings.

  • They will also submit a monthly Report to the OA LodgeMaster Administrator for lodge records.

Vice Chief of Communications:

Duties Include:

  • They are to collect articles from lodge officers, committee members and advisers as well as other Arrowmen and compile them to create our quarterly newsletter and insure its timely distribution.

  • Work with the Lodge Webmaster: [Adult Adviser(s)] to ensure our website is updated with important information in a timely manner.

  • Work with the Webmaster of our Council Website to ensure events and information is listed and linked to our website as needed.

  • They are to use the lodge media system and OA LodgeMaster to send out interim communications to help keep all our members informed.

  • They are to oversee all Lodge Social Media Pages and must have a capable device to access them (a Computer and Smart Phone): They are to post important information, updates, add photos taken from events. (Please note this will be under strict adviser supervision.)

  • All communications to Lodge Members are their responsibility.

  • Also, will work with the Vice Chief of Membership and Unit Relations in providing information for the Council’s District Roundtables

Vice Chief of Ceremonies:

Duties Include:

  • Is responsible to inspire our members with dramatic, thought-invoking, well-articulated ceremonies.

  • Is responsible for maintaining trained ceremony teams for The Pre-Ordeal, Ordeal, and Brotherhood ceremonies.

  • Will schedule ceremony team training sessions and communicate to the ceremony team members in a timely fashion.

  • Check the National Order of the Arrow Website for any updates to ceremonies and “ceremony trainings” and pass this information onto the ceremony teams.

  • Will be responsible for all ceremony materials, and the upkeep of Lodge Regalia.

  • They will recruit new ceremony team members.

Vice Chief of Program:

Duties Include:

  • Responsible for the oversight of all lodge activities, to include Spring/Fall Ordeals, Spring/Fall Fellowships, Holiday Party, Annual Family Banquet, all training events, The National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC), Conclaves, and any other event the Lodge plans or is assisting with.

  • Will work with the Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) to appoint chairmen for The National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC), and the Section Conclave and work directly with them to be sure they are successful.

  • Work with the Vice Chief of Membership and Unit Relations to prepare any Lodge activities that will be done during the Council’s District Roundtable.

Vice Chief of Membership Relations (3 People): (Council Service Area Representative)

  • Eastern (Allegany Co., Potter Co., McKean Co. except Kane area.)

  • Central (Cattaraugus Co. and Kane area)

  • Western (Chautauqua County)

They oversee everyday operations between the lodge and its members and units and work

very closely with the Vice Chief of Communications

Duties Include:

  • Support Area Representatives in their job.

  • Report all planned unit support to the Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) for voting on the suggested action, or if the need is immediate, report the project to the Key 3 for evaluation and approval.

  • They will be the “Tip of the Arrow” when it comes to Council Roundtables and informing members of what is happening in the Lodge. Details will be provided by the Vice Chief of Communications along with any documents. They will also be supported by the Vice Chief of Program with any activities run by the Lodge in a Roundtable and are not required to lead every activity.

  • They will be responsible for all unit elections and will communicate with every unit leader with the help of the Vice Chief of Communications and the Communications Adviser to solidify unit election planning.

  • They will help the Area Representatives setup Elections Teams for their service area consisting of Lodge members from around their service area to help make sure the elections happen, this does not mean they have to conduct all unit elections, just make sure they happen, and help units when needed.

  • They will be responsible for helping the Area Representatives Train their Elections Teams per National Publications from the National Order of the Arrow Website.

  • Along with their Adult Adviser, they will meet annually with their district executive and district camping chairman to review how to best support their efforts.

  • Will Setup and recruit Committees in each service area to help with operations listed above