Lodge Officer Positions Descriptions

The success of an OA Lodge is dependent on active and engaged Officers. Each Officer will have an experienced Adult Adviser assigned to them to work with them (and their team). 

Advisers in the OA are experienced Scouters who enjoy volunteering their time to mentor motivated Arrowmen. Advisers train, coach, and guide their Officers to complete assigned duties that exceed what is normally asked of Young Scouts in high school or college. 

Lodge Officers are expected to diligently work with their Adviser, Their Fellow Officers, Committee Members, and with other Arrowmen. 

Service as a Lodge Officer is not for everyone. Lodge Officers are expected to be able to budget their time between Family, Religious, School, Sports, Clubs, and other responsibilities with what is required of them as a Lodge Officer.

Many great Officers have served with distinction and managed their other responsibilities well, but some have not, remember this program is youth lead and needs great Officers to run it. 

Since the effective operation of the Lodge depends on each Lodge Officer, any Officer who finds that they cannot keep up with the duties or balance these duties with other commitments and obligations will be expected to resign or they will be removed from office.

All Positions and/or Descriptions are subject to change at any time via the Lodge Executive Committee, Lodge Advisers, or the Scout Executive.

 All Lodge Officers, if possible, should have a computer, and or smartphone.

Each Lodge Officer is expected to do the following along with their Elected Position Description:

Lodge Chief: 

The Lodge Chief is an Ex-Officio member of all Lodge Committees. 

Duties Include:

Executive Vice-Chief: *

The Executive Vice-Chief is appointed by the Lodge Chief with the advice and consent of the Lodge Adviser, Staff Adviser, and the Scout Executive.

Duties Include:


Duties Include:

Treasurer/Trading Post Manager: 

Duties Include:

Vice Chief of Communications: 

Duties Include:

Vice Chief of Ceremonies: 

Duties Include:

Vice Chief of Program:

Duties Include:

Vice Chief of Membership and Unit Relations: 

They oversee everyday operations between the Lodge and its members and units and work very closely with the Lodge Secretary and Vice Chief of Communications

Duties Include: