Before the Election

In preparation for your unit’s Order of the Arrow Election, we’re providing the following information to help conduct a successful election.

  • To ensure a successful election, please announce the date in advance to your unit members so they will be sure to attend that day. Remember, at least 50% of your unit’s active members must be present to conduct an election.

  • Before the election, please use the Submit Link from the Election Preparation Email or Excel Sheet to send us the list of your units the eligible Scouts.

      • Please Note the Lodge Requires ALL of the following Fields:

          • First Name

          • Middle Name or Initial

          • Last Name

          • Suffix (if applicable)

          • Gender

          • Date of Birth

          • BSA ID Number

          • Rank or Award

          • Full Mailing Address

          • Scouts Email

          • Parent or Legal Guardian Email

          • Home Phone Number with Area Code

          • Scouts Mobile Number with Area Code

          • Parent or Legal Guardian Mobile Number with Area Code

  • This is part of the new Inductions System, this system is to insure we have a completed Candidate Information Forms, Unit Election Report and Unit Election Ballots ready for your Units Election.

  • Also due to the number of units and candidates, this helps our communications team in recording member contact information in our database as newly elected Candidates will be invited to join a new member portal that will help them on their Induction Journey.

      • For members who were not elected their information will be removed from the database and will not be contacted, but their information will remain on printed election Paperwork.

If you need to reschedule the election or have any questions, please contact us at or at any of the email addresses listed in the emails that have been sent out. We’re happy to address any concerns or answer any questions you may have.