Induction Information 

For Ordeal Candidates

Congratulations on your election to the Order of the Arrow! Now that you have been elected by your unit (or selected if you’re an adult), your next step on the path to becoming a member is to attend an induction weekend, or Ordeal. 

The induction (also known as an Ordeal Weekend) is a weekend experience centered around service and personal reflection. Throughout the weekend, you will learn about the traditions and customs of the Order of the Arrow, leadership, brotherhood, and yourself. 

Your Ordeal weekend will be a challenging, but equally rewarding, experience in living the values of the Scout Oath and Law. You’ll join Scouts and Scouters from all over our Allegheny Highlands Council to provide service to our camp, make a lot of new friends, and have some time to reflect on what Scouting’s values mean to you.

This page provides you with the important information you need to Be Prepared for your Induction experience including when upcoming Ordeals are, how to register, what to pack, and what happens when you arrive. 

However, it will not give away specifics on what happens during the Ordeal or what it means, not because it is a big secret, but because the experience loses its deeper meaning for new members if they have preconceived expectations of what’s going to happen. The Ordeal Weekend is a unique event for everyone, and no two candidates experience it in the same way. 

Upcoming Ordeal Weekends:

2024 Spring Ordeal

Date: April 26th- 28th

Location: Camp Merz

2024 Fall Ordeal

Date: September 6th - 8th 

Location: Camp Merz

Cost for the Weekend:

Registering for the Induction:

All Candidates (and Arrowmen) MUST PRE-REGISTER AND PAY on the event registration page for the weekend they would like to attend (Registration links shown above) 

What to Expect:

Once you arrive and check-in, you will be directed to a staging area with other candidates until it is time for the induction weekend to start. During the weekend, you will face several tests (don’t worry, there isn’t anything you need to study for), provide cheerful service to our camp, and go through several ceremonies. All of these parts of the induction are equally important and are meant to test your commitment to Scouting’s ideals.

After dinner on Saturday, you will go through an orientation to learn about the Order of the Arrow, Our Lodge Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont and be introduced to other Arrowmen of the Lodge.

Arrival & Check-In Information:

Check-in will begin around 6:00 PM. Please plan to arrive to camp no later than 7:30 PM. If you must arrive later, please contact Event Staff listed on the Registration Page.

You will need to have your required forms, and BSA Medical form Part A & B and have them ready during check-in. 

Please also check the “What to Bring packing list” section listed on our event pages.

Please review the specific check-in procedures for the induction you plan to attend as things may have changed. 

Departure Information: 

Spring and Fall Ordeal weekends usually conclude by 10:00 AM on Sunday. 

If you need leave early, please let the event staff know at check-in. When leaving, please check-out at the registration area with one of the event staff members before leaving.

What To Bring:

The What to Bring Packing List will be posted on the Spring Ordeal Weekend and Fall Ordeal Weekend Event Pages.

Medical Forms:

Everyone participating in any Scouting activities less than 72 hours in duration (including Lodge events) must complete an Annual Health and Medical Record (Part A & B). 

This health form is completed by the participant (and their parent if under 18) and includes important information for our event staff in the event of a medical emergency such as medical history, allergies, insurance information, and medications. 

The form must be updated every year. Please bring a completed Annual Health and Medical Record (Part A & B) with you to the event that is dated within one year of the end of your induction weekend. It is required to check-in. 

Youth Participants: If you are under 18 years of age, you must have a parent/guardian sign the form. 

Weekend Schedule:

The Weekend Schedule will be posted on the Spring Ordeal Weekend and Fall Ordeal Weekend Event Pages.

Directions to Camp and Our Camp's Map: