Induction (Ordeal) Membership

After election from their unit, a Scout, or Scouter is considered an Ordeal Candidate until they complete the Ordeal. If the candidate does not complete his or her Ordeal within 12 months of being elected, they are no longer a candidate and cannot go through their Ordeal unless they are elected again by their unit.

Purpose of the Ordeal: It is the purpose of the ordeal to have the candidate reflect on their own Scout life and character and come to a deeper understanding of the Scout Oath or Promise and the principles of the Order.

Ordeal Membership: The steps required to complete the Ordeal membership are defined clearly. Once a person has been elected to the Order of the Arrow by their unit members, they are formally recognized as a candidate. This is done during the unit election by the unit leader and election team or at a calling out ceremony, usually conducted by the ceremonies team in an outdoor setting. The candidate then takes part in an induction weekend, a brief pre-Ordeal ceremony on Friday Night, then on Saturday take part in an actual Ordeal (series of tests) to prove their sincere dedication to the principles of the Order of the Arrow.