Virtual Lodge Events & LEC Meetings

The Lodge is happy to host a Fellowship gathering via Google Meet

on June 27th, 2020

Are your Membership dues paid for 2020?

If you answered Yes, then the day is free.

If you answered No, Please Visit: before the event and pay them. For more information on Lodge Dues visit

The morning session will run from 9 am to noon, we will have an afternoon challenge and then meet back up in the evening from 6 to 8 pm.

Hope to see you in the Google Meet Room!

The Google Meet Room Link for the event is -

If that Link does not work please use

Check Out the fun that we will be having!

9:00-9:10 AM- Free talk/ Wait for people to enter

9:10-9:30 AM- Gimkit

9:30-10:45 AM- Cooking Competition

10:45-11:00 AM- Cleanup/Free Talk

11:00-11:45 AM- Scattergories

11:45-12:00 AM- Discuss Afternoon Challenge? Free Talk

At this time Arrowmen will be going out and helping their communities.

6:00-6:15 PM- Rejoining/Discussing Afternoon Challenge

6:15-7:00 PM- Jackbox Games

7:00-7:30 PM- Jeopardy

7:30-8:00 PM- 2 Truths & A Lie

Note: Events are subject to change.

Information on our LEC Meetings can found by visiting: