Letter From the Brotherhood Committee:

Dear Newly Inducted Ordeal Member,

Congratulations on your recent completion of the Ordeal. This is the first, and to some, the most difficult endeavor you will encounter as a member of the Order. You will remember the experience of your Ordeal for the rest of your lifetime.

However, the Ordeal is just the beginning. As it was mentioned during the Ordeal ceremony, another time of trial awaits you.

The term “Ordeal” refers to a time of trial. While the purpose of the Ordeal weekend is designed to test to see if you are worthy to become a member of the Lodge, the period after completing the Ordeal ceremony is an opportunity for you to determine whether the Order is for you. When you determine that the Order is for you, you are ready to seal your membership in the Brotherhood.

Six months after your Ordeal, you are eligible to permanently seal your membership in the Brotherhood. This is the process where you make the commitment to become a full member of the Order of the Arrow. The process of doing so is fairly simple, and should not be difficult for anybody who is active in their home unit. In preparation, it is hoped that you take some time to look over the Challenges of the Brotherhood Membership found on our website (here) and in your OA Handbook.

More information will be provided to you via mail or email prior to the weekend you are eligible for your Brotherhood.

"However, notices may get lost in the mail, an Email could "Bounce" or we could have the wrong contact information or Ordeal date in our database. Therefore, if you believe you are eligible, feel free to contact the OA LodgeMaster Team at: oalodgemaster@ahcoa165.org Subject "Brotherhood Eligible?" and they will gladly answer that question."

For more information, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:

heronman@ahcoa165.org Subject "Brotherhood"

Yours in WWW,

Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont Lodge 165 Brotherhood Committee